Safe Harbor

A Guide to Solar Federal Tax Credit 2020-Safe Harbor

You probably already know that making the switch to solar energy can be great for the environment, but did you know that it could be a great financial investment as well? Investing in solar energy can be a true win-win situation, allowing you to make a choice that is ecologically friendly and saves you money […]

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safe harbor

All You Need to Know about Safe Harbor

If you’ve been researching solar energy, you’ve might have heard the term “Safe Harbor”. If not, it’s worth getting to know what it means. That’s because establishing Safe Harbor on your solar energy system installation as soon as possible is key to getting you the most financial benefits. If you’ve been having any doubts about […]

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Solar Projects

Get “Safe Harbor” on Your Solar Projects for 2020

If you’ve ever been thinking of making the investment to switching to solar energy, sooner really is better than later. Though making the switch to more environmental energy sources has always had great ecological advantages, there is an extra financial incentive to making the switch now. Read on to find out if your business could […]

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