solar battery storage system

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The solar power battery system is a critical component of any solar-powered property. To safely store energy for later use requires durable batteries with the appropriate storage capacity. Solar battery suppliers offer a variety of products which have different lifespans, capacity, depth of discharge (DoD), and overall efficiency. Depending on the size and location of the array, customers will need a solar panel and battery system that can continuously support the energy needs of the property. Off-grid solar system batteries provide additional capacities.

Choosing a Solar Power Battery System

To supply electricity overnight in an average domestic dwelling, two batteries are often enough to provide energy until the solar panels begin collecting energy. For off-grid solar system batteries, customers may wish to consider purchasing additional storage in the event that cloudy weather prevents new solar power for several days at a time.

Types of Batteries

A solar panel and battery system needs integrated planning to achieve the best result. These are types of batteries available to customers for storage energy from a solar power system:

  • Saltwater batteries (no heavy metals, easily recycled)
  • Lithium-ion batteries (longer lifespan, more expensive)
  • Lead-acid batteries (least expensive, short lifespan, popular for off-grid properties)

To choose the best storage solution for the property, start by determining the likelihood of completely draining the system. Budget restrictions might indicate that lead-acid batteries are the best choice. For off-grid solar system batteries, backup storage is the best way to guarantee consistent power. To determine the right solar power battery system for the project, consider capacity, efficiency, and budget. Solar battery suppliers can assist with evaluating products against the requirements of the property.

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