solar equipment distributor and supplier

Solar Equipment Supplier and Distributor

To support the functioning and durability of the solar system, ensure top-grade BOS (or balance of system). BOS refers to the complete solar system, excluding the modules. A BOS from solar equipment distributors will include wires and cables, ground fault detectors, fuses, combiners and recombiners, and more. The intricate support system requires just as much attention to detail as the highly visible panels and modules. The BOS can account for up to 50% of the costs of a complete package from a solar equipment supplier.

How Does the BOS Affect the System

  • Helps control the overall cost
  • Has the potential to increase efficiency by updating on a component-basis
  • Modernizes each element without replacing panels

There are several elements to consider when evaluating the right BOS. The first is bundled BOS, where it comes from the manufacturer. Second, customers should speak with their solar products supplier to confirm compatibility and interconnectivity between elements.

Solar products distributors can advise on the right BOS elements for the property. From rapid shutdown to rooftop installation components, the BOS helps ensure that solar power systems can be easily updated and maintained. BOS includes both software and hardware. Depending on the installation site, size of array, and data processing requirements, there will be several BOS options. Discuss them with a solar products supplier to achieve maximum efficiency and durability for the project’s budget.

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