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Solar Inverters: On-Grid and Off-Grid

Solar panels accomplish the first step in using solar power, which is converting the sun’s energy into electricity. But then, this variable direct current (DC) needs to be converted into AC, or alternating current. Inverters make electricity usable and they are an essential component of a solar system. Depending on the size of the project and the energy needs of the array, there are different inverter options. A solar inverter distributor will offer a variety of products to suit residential, commercial, and other projects.

Off-Grid Solar Inverter

To select the right solar power inverter for a home, consumers should review the electricity requirements of the household. For off-grid properties, the inverter will require battery storage to function. Customers should check with their solar inverter distributor to confirm the required components. Off-grid systems are more complex than grid-tied systems. As a result, highly skilled installation engineers often complete this task on site to oversee and confirm best practices.

On-Grid Solar Inverters

If the property is on-grid, look for a solar power inverter for the home that is designed specifically for grid-tied systems. Popular sizes are 4kW and 8kW for domestic projects.

Options to consider with assistance from the solar inverter distributor when selecting the right inverter for the property:

  • Pure sine wave versus modified sine wave inverters
  • Wattage requirements depending on appliances
  • Surge capacity 
  • Temperature range onsite and inverter’s capacity
  • Grid-tied capacity

Start by calculating the required wattage and then determine whether the property requires off-grid or grid-tied systems. On-grid solar inverters have different requirements than off-grid, so determine the property’s requirements carefully to purchase the correct system.

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