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As the world grapples with the terrible impact that COVID-19 has had on people’s lives and livelihoods, it is more important than ever to lay groundwork for a better future. One such driver of economic recovery, that also boasts necessary benefits to the environment and the healthcare sector, is solar power.

Solar distributors like iSolar Brokers will, no doubt, be part of the clean energy revolution that will play a key role going forward in tackling some of the grim ramifications of this pandemic. To understand why clean energy and solar power are so important to multiple layers of economic and healthcare recovery, one must understand the many solutions that can be tied together through access to clean energy.

One the more personal level, residential solar power systems are not just cleaner for the environment, they are safer for human health. A staggering almost 50% of people globally rely on energy sources that are not efficient and are potentially harmful. 3.8 million people prematurely lose their lives annually because of illnesses tied to inhaling unsafe fumes in their own home, generally from things like open fires. Cleaner energy sources like solar power could drastically decrease negative health outcomes from unsafe energy sources. Not to mention that the current widespread reliance on energy sources that cause smoke and fumes that are harmful to lung health could have an effect on people’s susceptibility to respiratory illness. Improving access to energy also helps people with social distancing efforts. Reliable energy is required for many of the technologies that make socially distanced communication possible.

However, solar energy is not only helpful to the healthcare front, it is essential for economic recovery. Commercial solar power systems can play a key role in creating more jobs. In 2018 alone, 11 million people worked for the “renewable sector”. Even better, “renewables sector” jobs are estimated by the Renewable Energy Agency to rise to the tune of 42 million in 2050. For the reasons outline above, and more, clean, affordable, and reliable energy sources are greatly needed worldwide. In economically unstable regions, there are some healthcare facilities that still rely on candles or cell phone flashlights to serve as light sources. It doesn’t have to be this way. Investing in solar distributors and clean energy can provide stability to everything from food supply chains, to small businesses. Solar system suppliers can support economic growth, aid in job creation, all while helping on the healthcare front.

Because solar energy is not just safer for human health and more environmentally friendly, it’s also affordable. Clean energy is cheaper now than ever before. In fact, the cheapest energy sources now tend to overwhelmingly be clean energy sources. According to the “2035 Report”, electricity that is 90% carbon-free could be implemented while simultaneously decreasing customer energy costs. Add the fact that the clean energy sector can be such a strong source of new jobs, and it couldn’t become more clear that clean energy will be an important driver of economic stability and growth in this post-pandemic recession.

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