roof top and ground mount solar racking systems

Solar Panel Racking System: Flat Roof & Ground Mount

A solar panel racking system should be sturdy, durable, and resistant to weather degradation. The first decision is whether to install solar panels on the ground or on a roof. Flat roof solar racking is typically utilized in commercial projects where panels can be installed on the flat roof of a large building. Legs can be lifted or lowered to achieve the proper angle and capture the most sunlight. On the other hand, ground mount solar racking systems are used in a variety of properties. They provide benefits such as great flexibility and control. 

Ground Mount Solar Racking Systems

These systems do take up more space. However, their location on the ground means that it is far easier to install and maintain them. For the most efficient and easiest cleaning, ground mount solar racking systems are the best choice. 

  • Easiest to clean and maintain
  • More costly installation process
  • Potential for capturing more energy (not limited by size of rooftop)

Rooftop Systems

A flat roof solar racking system is frequently the best choice for commercial properties. For properties with angled rooftops, expect a slightly different installation process. The biggest drawback of a rooftop system is its inaccessibility for cleaning and maintenance. But benefits include the following:

  • Less labor-intensive and less costly installation process
  • The permitting process is frequently more expedient 

What is right for the property? If capturing the most solar energy is the goal, it’s best to install the array on the ground rather than limiting energy collection to the square footage of the rooftop. Thinking ahead, another benefit for the future is that the ground mount panels will not need to be removed if the roof needs to be replaced. If simplicity and budget are the top concern, then a rooftop racking system is the best choice.

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