Solar panel consultant


Get expert assistance in designing your solar project. Solar consulting firms can help you choose the right system at the right price. From efficiency ratings to energy output, there are a variety of products that can suit your needs. Solar energy consulting firms will help you understand your options and advise on the best system for your unique project. Our solar consulting services are available for residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties.

Solar Consulting Services

  • Risk factor research
  • Installation location evaluation
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Panel / module selection
  • Interconnection opportunities
  • Engineering & design
  • Solar project management
  • Energy yield assessment
  • Off-grid properties
  • Cost-benefit analysis

For commercial properties that require retrofitting, solar consulting firms typically perform a site analysis with assistance from skilled engineers and installation experts. Once this is complete, project managers and the financing team can take advantage of solar consulting services to explore different models. For instance, solar energy consulting firms can provide valuable insight into the efficiency levels and hardware requirements of various modules. At the end of this review process, clients can select their preferred configuration and proceed with the installation.  

Smaller off-grid projects and larger rural projects can also benefit from solar consulting services to maximize their long-term investment before breaking ground. It’s wise to seek advice as early as possible in the design and engineering process. While drawing up plans for your new building and reviewing potential locations, be sure to seek the perspective of a solar company. It is far easier to find the right solar solution when there are fewer pre-existing limitations related to location, building material, or software integrations. Reach out today for a consultation to begin your solar journey.

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