Solar energy transportation & logistics


You need solar energy transportation & logistics to coordinate the safe delivery and installation of your solar project. This is especially critical for bigger projects that require a larger array of panels and installation materials, but it’s an essential component for every solar project no matter the size. The exact solar logistics you need will depend on the project’s location, size, budget, and timeline. Regardless, your solar project needs logistical support to facilitate safe and efficient transportation and storage. 

Solar Logistics Considerations

  • Oversized vehicles on the highway 
  • Heavy haul transportation contracting
  • Shipping negotiation for competitive rates
  • Access to off-grid sites
  • Tracking location
  • Quality checks & cargo protection
  • Documentation for import/ export
  • Tariffs and duty management
  • Warehousing
  • Coordinating transport & installation teams
  • Compliance 

In addition to baseline engineering and financing, every single solar project should make a plan for solar energy transportation & logistics. We offer advice from seasoned experts and a network of industry partners who can ensure that your solar project is a success. For instance, documentation and compliance are absolutely critical. Once you’ve consulted with our solar consulting services and selected the right modules for your energy needs, it’s time to fill in the rest of the picture. 

We can help you set up everything you need to make your solar project a reality: warehousing, coordination of transportation, negotiation of shipping rates, and ensuring that your products arrive in like-new condition with cargo protection and quality checks. Speak with our advisors about our solar energy transportation & logistics offerings today.

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