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Probably the biggest economic driver of solar energy this coming decade is the importance of mitigating the dangerous global effects of CO2 emissions. There is a general understanding that there is an increasingly high degree of need to move away from fossil fuels and towards cleaner and more renewable energy sources. Detrimental symptoms of climate change such as extreme weather, fires, and floods can have devastating human and economic impact. With every year, it only becomes more clear that it is simply not viable financially, and on a human level, to continue experiencing these destructive and costly problems at the magnitude we have been. The negative health and infrastructure impacts of pollution and other climate change elements are becoming such an issue on the global scale, that financial institutions now have to factor “climate risk” into their financial designs. Not to mention the staggering humanitarian impact of climate change disasters.

Solar distribution companies will therefore see major industry economic drivers become increasingly influenced by the push to use clean energy to help the climate change effort. Solar power is poised to become an even more important industry this coming decade due to the fact that a solar system distributor like iSolar Brokers can provide access to an energy source that is not only renewable but affordable as well. Solar power is ranked, among wind power, as one of the cheapest energy sources currently available. With the ever-growing need for countries to adopt more renewable energy sources, coupled with the fact that solar is also one of the most affordable energy sources in general, solar energy is likely to become an even bigger global industry by 2030. Renewable energy sources like solar power are, along with energy efficiency, one of the most important tools currently available to minimize energy-related CO2 emissions.

The best solar companies will probably be those who really understand the importance of solar energy as a key tool in the shift away from fossil fuels that is taking place this decade and beyond. Something that will hopefully drive increasing “climate-safe” decisions, will be the growing numbers of countries who understand that fossil fuels are, among other things, simply a bad investment. The financial impact of climate change is not always the first thing people think of, but it can be a key incentive in nudging people into making more environmental decisions. On a macro level, the pollution caused by fossil fuels can be incredibly expensive because of rising healthcare costs. There is also an increasing, and necessary, push to “decarbonize” our communities and to ensure that the goal of keeping global warming “well below 2 degrees Celsius” outlined by the Paris Agreement comes to fruition. With all this in mind, solar distribution companies, are on track to have the great opportunity to play an important role in the multi-layered, ambitious, and imperative goal of addressing climate change unfurling this decade.

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